What is a Flypcap

The Flypcap is a micro flying disc or just the smallest flype-disc in the world! The Flypcap is manufactured with highest quality in Switzerland and made of special aluminium alloy. Thereby the precise fabrication and the special material guarantee optimized flying features and a long-lasting fun factor. The Flypcap is anodized and has a unique shiny protection layer which does in no way influence the flying characteristics. The special design of the cap shape transfers your power into a rotation and acceleration. Even on windy days your Flypcap stays in steady flying position.  

How to play with the Flypcap?

We recommend practicing the proper “Flype” technique. Watch the pictures and the training video on our web site to see the basic moves. Once your Flypcap glides stably and on track through the air, which certainly will put a big smile on your face, it is high time to master your technique. After”flyping” the Flycap will always be landing in the direction your index finger points. If you “flype” the cap in an inclined direction it will glide in arcuate lines. Due to this precise “flyping” it is easy to catch the small Flypcap. Beat yourself with your own “flype” and catch tricks.

Be the first!

As the Flypcap is something entirely new, invent new techniques and give your moves its own name! Make cool, mind-blowing movies. Leave your footprints in the world with the Flypcap.